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  • I was referred to Arapaho Road Animal Clinic by a friend and co-worker who has been taking her cat here for years. Trusting her judgment, I booked our first appointment with them after bringing home our new mini golden doodle puppy, Bailey. We haven't looked back yet. The staff are beyond friendly and go above and beyond to make sure you and your animal are well taken care of. Dr. Sperry is the vet we usually see. He is friendly and fun and lets Bailey lick his entire face. The office is pretty old school. They still use paper charting and the facility appears to be older as well. However, this does not get in the way of good service. I have been impressed with the level of care they have provided us in the short time we have used them. We look forward to continuing to visit Arapaho Road Animal Clinic as long as we live in Dallas.

    Rachel R.

  • I have never been disappointed with Arapaho Road Animal Clinic! After several bad experiences with other vets where their priorities were clearly on making money and not helping animals, this location was a breath of fresh air. Both of my two dogs are we'll handled every time, and they are open on Saturdays for a quick appointment if it is needed. My American Eskimo is especially good with the staff here. He has a bit of an anxious personality and doesn't do too well with people, leading him to be denied from some boarding locations due to aggression. The staff at Arapaho Road took him into a back room without me and came out carrying him! The vet at my previous clinic told me he was too aggressive to care for. I love this location and will be coming back for all appointments in the future.

    Kellsie Drop

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