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  • While staying with family in Richardson, my itty bitty 7-year-old pittie started having serious GI issues, vomiting and having fresh blood in her stool. My sister saw this and immediately told us to meet her at her beloved vet's office. When we arrived, I felt like I was in a time warp. The office is classic and retro but very clean. The ladies who greeted us were so incredibly nice and wonderfully hospitable. In no time at all, they ushered us into a back exam room, where the tech took my baby to get her weighed and take her temperature. The vet soon appeared, asked me what her symptoms were, and then explained she likely ingested something and it was probably nothing to worry about. He had the tech administer a concoction that immediately stopped the vomiting and she didn't have any more accidents. He also gave her an antibiotic in pill form to last several days. One of the most amazing things about ARAC is the reasonable price tag. What could have been an extremely expensive emergency visit was surprisingly reasonable--an excellent value for my peace of mind. That evening, I flew with my little nugget to LAX and she did wonderfully on the flight, even receiving kudos from TSA agents, flight attendants, and passengers alike and didn't have any further symptoms. A huge thank you to the kind folks at ARAC. I know why my sister is a loyal client!
    Melissa H.
  • We moved to the area last year and this is the second time I have brought my dog to this clinic. The staff has consistently been very warm to both myself and especially my dog, Dallas. I, like many pet parents, always go in trying to prepare for the worst (both diagnosis and expenses), but both times have proved to be less minor issues so far. I like the approach of less aggressive to more aggressive treatment options for my advanced aged dog given by Dr.Sperry and I plan on continuing to use this clinic for Dallas's needs. I think this clinic does their best to honestly take the best care of your pet and sometimes that can be hard to find after a moves so I wanted to share about it.
    Dominique P.
  • 4.6 Google Rating