Take A Tour

Check out our practice to see where we treat your pet! We invite you to take a tour and then contact us with your questions.


The welcome portal to the clinic is managed by our team of receptionists who will greet you with a smile. Cushioned bench seating will provide you with a comfortable wait while the paperwork is generated to start your visit. We strive to keep the reception area clean, fresh, and friendly.

Examination Rooms

The clinic has three exam rooms. Pets and owners will be comfortable in the rooms with seating provided, and since the rooms are private, patients will not be overly stressed by the goings-on of clinic staff or the presence of other patients.

Surgery and Recovery Ward

Our surgical suite is equipped with isoflurane gas anesthetic delivery, inhalation monitor, continuous EKG display, pulse oximeter, and indirect blood pressure measurement. Our technicians are trained to monitor the patients closely by hand as well as via the equipment. So, anytime that your pet is in for an anesthetic procedure, you can rest assured that they will receive close, individual attention from the moment of anesthetic induction until they are safely awake again.

Cat and Dog Wards

Small dogs and cats are housed in separate wards that are equipped with individual stainless steel cages of varying sizes. All dogs and cats are provided with fresh towels to sleep on every night. The small dogs staying in the wards are moved to a run or taken out for a bathroom break twice a day. Cats get fresh litter twice daily as well. Owners are encouraged to bring their pet’s regular food for boarders to try and prevent any upset stomach due to sudden diet change. Our kennel foods are Purina’s Canine and Feline EN veterinary diets.

Large Dog Runs

The runs are entirely indoors and climate-controlled. They offer our large dog visitors plenty of room. We have special comfort mats and bedding that we are happy to provide for the elderly and arthritic as needed. The large dogs are offered a walk outside twice a day.