how to help dogs that are scared of thunder

11 Tips to Managing Your Dog’s Storm Anxiety

Do you have a dog with mild to moderate noise anxiety (storms, fireworks)? There are ways to deal with severely phobic dogs but that is not the scope of this article. If they have progressed to full-on anxiety attacks and are throwing themselves through walls and doors then you have waited far too late to

how to prevent dogs from falling on slippery wooden floors

Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Slipping on Hard Floors

Many older dogs, for a variety of reasons, have less control of their rear legs than when they were younger. This loss of control creates significant issues for their mobility, especially on slick floor surfaces. One of the most common reasons to have to make end-of-life decisions for medium to large breed dogs is the

causes and treatment for urinary incontinence in dogs

Incontinence in Dogs

Older spayed female dogs can develop incontinence (males can too but that is much less common). An incontinent dog leaks urine without being aware of it. The leakage is generally worse when they are resting or sleeping. If you are finding urine in areas where the dog has been laying down or sleeping then very

heat stroke risks and prevention tips for dogs

Heat Stroke in Dogs

There is nothing like a summer in the Dallas area: blazing heat, little rain, and no relief in sight. This time of year offers specific risks to your pets in the form of heat stroke. Heat stroke happens when your pet’s temperature rises (hyperthermia) to a point that is detrimental to the animal. Dog and

heartworm disease in dogs causes symptoms and treatment

Heartworms in Pets | Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Heartworms are exactly what the name says: they are a worm that lives in the heart of the definitive host. The host is most often dogs, but cats can be affected as well. For this article, we will mostly be discussing Heartworm Disease in Dogs, but don’t worry; we will address our feline friends as

why chocolate is bad for dogs

Yes, Chocolate is Bad for Dogs!

Chocolate can actually be toxic to pets depending on the type and amount ingested. Be certain to store all your chocolate candies out of reach of your pets. Why is Chocolate Bad for Dogs? Chocolate contains substances called methylxanthines which are similar to caffeine. When ingested by pets in small amounts methylxanthines may

teaching dog safety to children and kids

Teaching Dog Safety to Children

Children are, by far, the most common victims of dog bites and are far more likely to be severely injured. Most dog bites affecting young children occur during everyday activities and while interacting with familiar dogs. If the adults in the house do not recognize subtle dog body language then you can certainly bet that

dog bite prevention tips

The Basics of Dog Bite Prevention

There are several important components to successful dog bite prevention – learning to recognize ALL the signs of a dog’s distressed body language, knowing what to do when faced with an aggressive or boisterous dog and knowing how to safely approach unfamiliar dogs. Recognizing Body Language Almost everyone recognizes that a snarling, growling,