pet halloween safety tips

Pet Halloween Safety Tips

No Houdini’s Here Halloween brings a spell of fun and visitors to your home. Know that repeatedly opening doors for trick-or-treaters can increase the chances of your pet running out. If your pet likes to run out or is not friendly to other people, consider crating or keeping them in a secure area to ensure…

what to do for dogs scared of thunder and storms

10 Things to Do to Help Your Dog’s Storm Anxiety

How Can I Help My Dog’s Storm Phobia? Dogs with storm phobias can experience a high degree of stress and suffering and, although the phobia often cannot be cured, there are things you can do to manage your dog’s anxiety. Treatment of storm phobia often involves some combination of environmental management, behavior modification, and medication….

health benefits to owning a pet

6 Ways Owning a Pet Is Good for Your Health

It turns out that owning a pet is more than just adorable cuddles and trips to the dog park. Owning a pet can also improve your overall health and wellness. On a psychological level, pets are shown to decrease levels of depression and anxiety. On an overall health level, owning a pet can decrease your…

pet dental hygiene tips from Arapaho Road Animal Clinic in Richardson texas

Pet Dental Hygiene & Oral Care

What is the Cause of My Pet’s Bad Breath? Don’t ignore your pet’s bad breath! Dental hygiene is often the cause of stinky breath, and it may indicate other important problems with your pet’s health. We understand how easy it is to miss. Many of the problems that stem from poor hygiene occur where you…

indoor and outdoor safety tips for dogs and cats

General Pet Safety

Keeping your pet safe is the most important part of keeping both you and your pet happy. When you first adopt a pet or new breed of pet — or even better, before you adopt them — be sure to research the basics of your pet. When you finally select a pet, talk to the…

pet vaccination guide for dogs and cats

Vaccination Guide for Dogs and Cats

Vaccines are an important part of any dog or cat’s life. They help prevent diseases, many of which are hard to treat or incurable once contracted. Vaccines are started when your pet is a puppy or kitten and continue through adulthood. Vaccines are a vital component to keeping your pet healthy. We have noted, however,…

how to help dogs that are scared of thunder

11 Tips to Managing Your Dog’s Storm Anxiety

Do you have a dog with mild to moderate noise anxiety (storms, fireworks)? There are ways to deal with severely phobic dogs but that is not the scope of this article. If they have progressed to full-on anxiety attacks and are throwing themselves through walls and doors then you have waited far too late to…

how to prevent dogs from falling on slippery wooden floors

Tips to Prevent Your Dog from Slipping on Hard Floors

Many older dogs, for a variety of reasons, have less control of their rear legs than when they were younger. This loss of control creates significant issues for their mobility, especially on slick floor surfaces. One of the most common reasons to have to make end-of-life decisions for medium to large breed dogs is the…

causes and treatment for urinary incontinence in dogs

Incontinence in Dogs

Older spayed female dogs can develop incontinence (males can too but that is much less common). An incontinent dog leaks urine without being aware of it. The leakage is generally worse when they are resting or sleeping. If you are finding urine in areas where the dog has been laying down or sleeping then very…

heat stroke risks and prevention tips for dogs

Heat Stroke in Dogs

There is nothing like a summer in the Dallas area: blazing heat, little rain, and no relief in sight. This time of year offers specific risks to your pets in the form of heat stroke. Heat stroke happens when your pet’s temperature rises (hyperthermia) to a point that is detrimental to the animal. Dog and…