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  • I cannot even BEGIN to express my gratitude for Dr. Sperry and everyone else at this office that took the best of care for my fur baby, Sebastian. I have never had such a pleasant and caring experience with a vet before. Not that the other vet I was using before I moved was not amazing, but their empathy and support for us grieving pet owners is unsurpassed. Sebastian just returned home today after being in their care for two days and nights. He suffered a urinary blockage which is life threatening if not caught in time. As you can imagine... my cat was in tremendous amounts of pain as was I after having to watch him cry out in agony the night before the vet opened. (Didn't know this was a common thing for cats or I would have rushed him to the ER that night... now I know). I received TWO phone calls a day (morning and night) letting me know how Sebastian was doing. Thankfully every phone call was nothing but good. It says A LOT about a vet when they show that they understand the pain and anxiety for both the pet AND their owner when being forced to be separated for an extended amount of time. What would have been an "on pins and needles" experience for me was the complete opposite. I knew exactly what was going on and that he was being very well taken care of. Dr. Sperry, thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing care for Sebastian. He is very thankful too and happy to be home!

    Lauren S.

  • I adopted a 3 month old lab/terrier mix from Operation Kindness and began the search for a reputable and trustworthy local vet. I picked Arapaho Animal Clinic because of their overwhelming positive reviews and their longevity as a Clinic, it's been operating since 1968. We've had two appointments for vaccinations so far and Dr Sperry and the staff have all been wonderful and patient with our shy, nervous pup and answered all our questions professionally. In addition to this, they also work directly with 1800PetMeds so if you decide to order Heartworm medication online, they approve the prescription, making it a simple and cost effective option for you as a pet owner. I'm relieved to know we are in good hands with an Animal Clinic who puts the pets and owners first!

    Alicia Paliuca

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