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  • This is BY FAR the BEST Vet Clinic in Texas. They care about you and your pet and your family and your extended family. They don't book you for a bunch of unnecessary shots. They will send you a reminder a few weeks in advance of your pet's annual rabies vaccine and any milestone shots necessary. If you don't board, you don't need Bordatella, so they won't give it to you unless you want/need it. We had two dogs, one from a puppy (mutt) and one 5 year old (Australian Shepherd) we got when our puppy turned 4. They were okay together, but the 5 year old was abused when we got her from the pound and we found out 2 years later that she didn't like her sister. One day, I'm still in pjs and very pregnant with our 1st, I look outside at the dogs, and my mutt shakes her head and blood splatters all over the glass patio door. OMG. I rushed my mutt to the Arapaho Animal Clinic a block away and they took her immediately into surgery where they very skillfully sewed her ear back together. They were more worried for me than my dog because I came in barefoot, in pjs, tears streaming down my face, covered in blood and super pregnant. They brought me water and a towel and hugged me and gave me resources on specific Australian Shepherd foster homes, since she could no longer be near my mutt. It could have been so much worse. I am so grateful for AAC for helping me and my family through the surgery and rehoming our Aussie. She just needed a single dog home, and she got it. We LOVE this clinic and would recommend them for your pet's medical needs.

    Eve Hehn

  • Great vet. They are friendly and reasonably priced. You feel like they really care about your pets.

    Shay Goldberg

  • 4.7 Google Rating